I discovered yet another JavaScript challenge that is asked by certain big tech companies which I _thought_ was easy.

The Question

Write a function that takes 2 strings, s1 and s2 and returns the longest common subsequence of s1 and s2

EG test cases:ABAZDC, BACBAD => ABAD
aaaa, aa…

I find most tutorials that are out there for HTML and CSS are necessary and required, but I also think that if you cannot see the bigger picture, you will be bored and tap out early.

I decided to create a video of myself coding a part of a design…

I found a Youtube video where a developer was sharing some challenges she had received from Google during a first-round interview. Her name is Kris, AKA acodingnomad .

One of the questions she had received was to dynamically generate a table with x number of rows and columns, initial values…

We always see those tricky little Javascript questions and I have just stumbled onto one that had me stumped for a little while. I decided to do a quick write-up about this. Hopefully, it will help someone understand it a bit better.

The question — Part 1.

Given this JS snippet, what would print to…

Javascript is cool, but it looks like there are so many things we can do without it. One of these, believe it or not, is an accordion!

Simply use the details tag to create the accordion item. …

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